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Das American Institute of Chiropraktik ist eine Ausbildungsstätte für Chiropraktik. Es werden CME Punkte von der Ärztekammer Hamburg für unsere Chiropraktik Ausbildung vergeben. Unterrichtet wird nach der amerikanischen Chiropraktik.

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Jonathan Clarke

Having had the opportunity to spend time with and study alongside graduates of the American Institute of Chiropractic Hamburg it is clear that the dedication to learning and the continued advancement of the chiropractic profession is of paramount importance to the instititute and all who study there. 

With a growing number of medical doctors and surgeons changing specialty to join the chiropractic ranks through this course, as well as the many other mature students in attendance, it is clear that the philosophical underpinning and practical based learning is both appealing and rewarding as well as a wonderful attribute to the content of this course which is delivered so well by Dr Mark Styers DC and his team. 


Oliver Dawson

I have continually been blown away by the passion and success of the Chiropractors who learnt through the American Institute of Chiropractic (AIC). Mark Styers has an unparalleled ability to light a fire in the hearts of Chiropractors fuelled by passion to help others through the art, science and philosophy of Chiropractic.  Mark is a master communicator, I know of no one more skilled in sharing the chiropractic message. Through the AIC have met some truly inspirational people who left their nobel jobs as medical surgeons because they fell in love with the reality of setting people free to leads their best life possible through the power of the chiropractic adjustment. Thank you for the hard work and dedication to Chiropractic and humanity.

Daniel Constable

The American Institute of Chiropractic (AIC) and Dr. Mark Styers have changed the face of Chiropractic in Germany over the course of the last decade more than any thing or anyone else. Dr. Styers is a passionate Chiropractor meaning he is an extremely congruent philosopher of Chiropractic, he has an excellent knowledge of the science of Chiropractic and is a master of the art of the Chiropractic adjustment. He is also a master communicator and educator which makes the AIC such an attractive proposition for anybody wanting to further learn about the philosophy, science and art of Chiropractic. As someone once said, "the proof is in the pudding." Dr. Styers and the AIC have managed to introduce many medical people to Chiropractic and through that exposure has inspired them to hang up their medical licenses and dedicate their lives to Chiropractic.



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